Be The Bridge

“Be the Bridge” to Racial Unity is a community of people with a common goal to see healthy dialogue around the topic of race. Our goal is to influence racial reconciliation within our communities and to become bridges-builders of awareness. We aim to  promote and engage positive dialogue around racialization; to educate others on disparities and injustices. We desire to become credible witnesses to true biblical oneness for the Glory of God.


  1. Mohatra says:

    As I watch the suffering continue across America, a thought hit home I want to share with you, in hopes it may lend us all perspective. The political media complex has made us all into two legged pit bulls thru abuse, mistreatment, starvation and the deaths of a thousand cuts society lays on all of us. It has made a ton of money fighting different groups against each other for its amusement, and to advance its interests at the expense of the People it supposedly serves. We are People not Pit Bulls, and like the poor mistreated and slandered beasts the gangsters fight, we all deserve better. Let us keep this in mind the next time we start directing our anger towards a fellow sufferer instead of towards the real gangsters holding our chains – who are not Black or White but simply “in charge” and by that I do not mean law enforcement. Banks. Media. Government. Secret Societies. Cartels all.

  2. Cathy Ortiz says:

    I just came from the If: Gathering and I want to start a group in my church/community. Every link I push on to get the guide leads to nowhere or the wrong page…Help! feeling frustrated

  3. Jan says:

    Tasha, I was at an IF local this weekend and am interested in downloading the Be the Bridge curriculum for discussion groups. I could not find it on your website or on the IF website. How can I access this?

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