Fifty Years Ago Today…

It is difficult to believe today marks the 50 anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. Separate but equal, correction (unequal) was finally dismantled. This was the beginning of fundamental change for America. It is rather hard for me to wrap my head around the mindset of the cultural just 50 years ago! When I think back my parents were around 10 and 11 years of age. My grandparents were in there early 30’s. I don’t think I will ever truly understand the depth of the fight. I do understand the ramifications such oppression has on a nation. When I see pictures of “Colored Only” signs I can barely fathom the thought that some believed this was right, just and upheld by the “Declaration of Independence”.

Johnson King

We have made tremendous progress as a nation. Although there remains blatant issues with education equality and major issues within our judicial system, we have come a long way in a short time. Many may disagree with that statement, but it is my blog and my opinion. The vast majority of attitudes of America has changed. Blatant racism is viewed as an embarrassment an old and ancient ideology. Most of today’s violators are hidden. Take the statements made by Sterling, Cliven Bundy and many others who carefully lace their rhetoric in political camouflage. Many Americans were outraged at the comments. That outrage was not only from brown faces, but from Americans of all colors who were appalled at the insults. People can identify racism and prejudices when we hear it, regardless of the carefully laced words.

Dr. King famously said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” The Civil Rights Act changed the face of the nation, bending the arc sharply on July 2, 1964.

But much work remains. We must continue to unite, strive to understand each other and build a more JUST society. My personal conviction is  that “Christians” and the “Church” must lead these efforts for the world. We cannot remain stagnant, silent, segregated and unmoved by racial brokenness. It is a huge dream, however I’m a Dreamer! I am crazy enough to believe the efforts of a few can eventually change the course and attitudes of majority.

 “Fight On and Write On”!