Happy Birthday to Me!


It’s my birthday! In my head I’m thinking of the 50 Cent song “In Da Club”. It starts out with “Go shorty it’s your birthday” with a crazy beat. The video and complete song are a little to naughty for me to post on my blog. I’ll just sing the hook in my head today and post my favorite “Happy Birthday” version by Stevie Wonder.

Several years ago, I started a tradition of taking my birthday as a vacation day. Best decision I ever made, especially after having a horrible day on my birthday when working at Ernst & Young, LLP. If you haven’t tried taking a day off on your birthday you should. I normally spend the day with my BFF’s, but life has placed us all in different states! I plan to enjoy my day, actually it’s more like enjoy the month in celebration of me. It sounds narcissistic, but it’s MY birthday. I’m getting older...I meant wiser! I’m still tempted to lie about my age, we’ll just pretend age is just a number!

The weekend began with a Kayaking trip. My phone is recovering from water damage. There is a funny story attached to the mishap.  Lesson learned, slide in the boat BUTT  first, never feet first. You may end up in the water and not on the boat. The day continued with a birthday and graduation celebration with friends. I was blessed to have several friends out to share my special day over dinner. They were all new friends I’ve met here in Austin over the last 2 yrs! The food was a little… let’s just say, “the food was little with a big price”. It allowed for more conversation. We talked so much we forgot to sing “Happy Birthday”. I wouldn’t have it any other way!  As I reflect, God has blessed me with amazing people in my life. If my friends and family are a glimpse of how much the Lord loves me, he really loves me. I feel like a rich woman.

Today, I’m working on  a few things about me. I completed “Restless” by Jennie Allen. This procrastinator is working on her Threads. It’s a process of discovering that greater purpose in life, your passion, talents, strengths and abilities. It’s a great prelude to the Life Planning process. I’m using the process to drive in a little more strategically, since I had my Life Plan completed in 2012 by the great Zarat Boyd. To illuminate more areas of my life, I had a few friends send me a few words about myself. This is to aid in discovering a thread or pattern, I may have missed. A friend ended her email about me with ” Love you dear friend and keep rocking out life on this side of eternity”! Great reminder that the life I lead is about “Eternity”, yep I’m one of them!  My life has purpose. I’m trying to max out every drop while I’m here on earth. I don’t want to become anything less than I’m created to become. I want to thrive! If you have something to add feel free to comment on this post. I’m discovering next steps for my life. Exactly what that sweet spot may look like for me in this season? Thank you for your birthday prayers, wishes, words, calls and text messages. I’m a word’s person and I will savor every meaningful word and comment.





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