Random Reflections

As I reflect on an amazing almost two weeks, I had a few thoughts. I was fortunate to attend a wonderful conference called Orange with the team from FEFC. I was able to show them a little of my old stomping grounds in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to introduce them to my wonderful friend Damian Boyd who is a church planter.  He is the Pastor of Vertical Church in Atlanta. We visited a few amazing historical sites in Atlanta. We toured the AUC, MLK sites, Coca-Cola Museum and Kennesaw Battle field. They even had the opportunity to meet my mom Brenda, Kristin and my God-Daughter Gracelyn. I never take for granted the time I get to spend with Family and friends. It’s been difficult living so far from family. But I think Austin may be growing on me. Thanks to all who reached out. For those I didn’t get to see this time, hopefully next time! It’s hard to see to everyone in my short visits.

Attending graduation was great minus the commencement speech (it sucked). I’ll save that story for a later post. I’m a fan of learning but not a fan of school. But I don’t think I’m quite finish with my academic career, did I just say that?  Having my dad and cousins Derrick and Joye made it really special. I love my family. My week ended with seeing family and spending time with my Grannie. I was able to attend church with her at St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church. That is also another post. The church is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago, even the bulletin.

I probably won’t make my time away a working time away the next time. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  I had the opportunity to process my life and look to the future. I gained clarity and perspective on several things. I’m thankful to my team Ellie, Lindzi, Sheila and all volunteers who held it down in my absence. Thank you guys for filtering emails, calls and all the unnoticed things you do each week. Ministry work can be difficult. I’m thankful to God for showing me “Who I am is far beyond what I do”. I’m thankful for a life full of purpose, for having friends and family who support and believe in me. I’m thankful for this journey, “the Good and the not so good” (I think). I’m thankful for the growth and challenging experiences over the last 5 years. I’m thankful for my past and all who have poured into my life. I’m thankful for new opportunities. I’m excited about all my new friends in Austin. I’m grateful for Allies Against Slavery. I’m committed to this cause more than ever. God has been great. He has used some amazing people in my life to demonstrate his love for me. I remain open and look forward to becoming all I’m created to become…