My unprofound thoughts on Sterlings little rant

It’s been a full week since the racial comments made by Clippers owner Sterling. As expected the media and most have moved on. There have been plenty news worthy issues demanding our attention the last few days. I wanted to give a few thoughts on the situation. There are so many thoughts running through my head. I thought about a few profound things I could add to the conversation. However, I kept coming back to one thought… As I ponder in confusion on how ignorant the comments and statements made. I thought about Mr. Sterling right to say whatever he desires, and the NBA’s right to protect their brand. I read blogs, and saw post defending his freedom of speech. People making excuses. Is he racist or just prejudice. We all suffer from some type of prejudices. Like many, I’m confused and upset that Mr.Sterling was slated to be honored by the NAACP. Then to find out he had already been honored based on his donations to the organization. I think I’m more upset about the award than the ridiculous comments.

So many thoughts running through my head.

As I look at my dark brown skin in the mirror, I wonder how someone could dislike me because of my color. The thought of that baffles me? I’m likable! We have no control over the skin we are in. I love my skin. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else except who I am.

So many thoughts running through my head.

I look at my God-Children my niece and wonder, how someone could dislike them because of their race? I realized this time the world was singing a different tune. Many were embarrassed and mortified at the comments. Many were secretly ashamed because they’ve heard the same type of dialogue around the family table. For many this type of speech is common in families, but it’s our little secret.

Racism is alive and well. We’ll  probably always have to deal with the rants of the Sterling types. Much worse, we will deal with hidden racism that plagues our society through various systems. In the midst of my pondering, I realized there is more good than bad. There is more hope than cynicism. I have friends of all different races. I love them all for their unique individuality. You see 50 years ago, Mr. Sterling’s comments were the majority in our society it was common nomenclature. Today in 2014, I believe this mindset is the minority. We live in a different world! We are far from a post racial society, as many would think. As we continue to have dialogue we can’t let the uncomfortable complexities of the topic of race scare us. We can continue to knock down barriers.

We all see color despite what many say, I hear many say, “I don’t see color”.  Jokingly I want to say, “Then can you see me”? Well if you have eyes you see color, you may not judge someone by their race but we all see color. But I get what you are saying. That child that doesn’t see color at times helps that adult who can’t help but see color.

So many thoughts running through my head.

In my many thoughts on this subject, I kept coming to one conclusion. Its simple but so profound…and it goes a little something like this” The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31

The numerous thoughts that cloud my head were overshadowed by  this simple commandment. Despite what we feel or think RACISM is wrong it’s evil it has killed more people than World WAR. There is nothing right about it. We are all products of a country that embraced it for centuries, crazy isn’t it? Racism has always existed. It will exist as long as sin and evil exist. We must sum it up with the simplicity that Jesus did years ago, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” This statement is true even for Mr. Sterling, Gun toting Clive and all the others.

The thoughts running through my head are pretty simple, not profound at all. I will continue to do my part as a bridge-builder. I’m not afraid to have difficult discussions on race. I understand acknowledging and understanding the past brings a greater clarity to the present. I choose to walk on the other side of the road, engage in conversation that can expand perspective and nudge hearts.

These are just a few thoughts running through my head...stay tuned




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