My Red Boots…Renewed

My Red Boots...Renewed

Actually, these boots started out as brown. I’ve owned these boots for about 7 years. My mom purchased them as a present for me. I have loved Cowboy boots since I was a kid growing up in North Carolina.

I guess God new someday I would move to Austin, Texas.

My brown boots became worn down, water damaged. Not to mention tortured in the back of my trunk for a few months. I was planning to throw them out. I discovered a great thing about Texas.

We specialize in boot revitalization.

Since my boots where made of a nice soft leather. I took them to a boot hospital (that is literally the name).

I decided to have new soles and change the color of my lite brown natural boots to RED. Yes, I’m bold like that.

It made me think about life At times, we feel weathered, beat down and for some like we have taken our last breath.

Our lives are tethered with disappointments,

delusions, broken promises,

lost dreams, hopelessness and shame.

I’m so glad in the midst of our despair all things are made new. A type of revitalization happens.

We become new as we hold tight to the Lords promises. Just like my brown boots. Sometimes we need a makeover

a do over

a brand new you!

So before you lose hope and and discount your trail or test, know

God makes all things new. Just like my new red boots!