Leader Launcher

            I have the opportunity and privilege to lead others from a leadership role for the last 13 years. Through this journey I’ve discovered valuable lessons. As you lead, you’ll deal with various personalities and skill sets. Some people are natural leaders, some need more guidance, others need guidance along with development. I’ve been given the opportunity of working with all types. In many cases, you will have great Followers, Leaders and Leaders of Leaders.  All types of leaders require a different approach and insight. Your goal as a leader is to offer an environment where volunteers and staff can maximize their full potential. Think back to those who invested in your professional development and those who did not. As a leader, you should aim to develop those entrusted to you. Helping them grow and develop their God-given abilities. It’s important for your staff to see opportunities of growth, pathways to help them maximize their potential. Leaders must be challenged to grow beyond their personal comfort zones. You’re called to push the Leader within them.  This is uncomfortable and welcoming, at the same time. This takes strategy, insight and God-Inspired Wisdom. Here are a few strategies I’ve used with those I lead.


·      Have staff take personality assessments. The assessment will allow them to discover details about themselves they didn’t know. This will also give you better insight to lead them more effectively and well.


·      Meet with your staff quarterly to review leadership goals. Schedule a 1 on 1 that focuses on them as an individual, not on what they do. People want to know you care about them. Not about what they do, but who they are, and who they could become.


·      Develop a “Leadership Development Plan” for each staff person. This can include yearly, and quarterly goals.


·      The development plan should consist of Professional Goals, Resources and Personal Learning and Development.


·      I instructed staff to email close family members to ask them, “what strengths they posses”? Identifying strengths is difficult for some. Family members have great insight to the threads of an individual. 


·      Review through a quarterly follow-up. The purpose and goal of these meetings should provide accountability, and to make sure the development plan is a working process. Empower those you lead to lead. Give them the opportunity to apply what they’ve discovered about themselves.  Staff is required to lead one team meeting and training per year.

Developing those around you increases the ultimate reach of your ministry and the organizations vision. Who is gleaning from your leadership? Who is next in line on your bench? Who will carry the vision of the ministry? Who are you preparing to launch? Embrace your call as a leader and your role as a Leader Launcher.